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Full information about Establishment and food Burger King at 5859 East McKellips Road, Mesa, AZ 85215. The most up-to-date information about the opening hours of the organization, telephone and address. Customer reviews will help you get an idea of the company.


5859 East McKellips Road, Mesa, AZ 85215
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+1 480-396-6165


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Working hours

Sunday 07:00am — 11:00pm
Monday 06:00am — 11:00pm
Tuesday 06:00am — 11:00pm
Wednesday 06:00am — 11:00pm
Thursday 06:00am — 11:00pm
Friday 06:00am — 11:00pm
Saturday 06:00am — 11:00pm
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Burger King


  • Blake Ballard
    Feb, 25 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My burger and fries where good as expected but the cheesy tots where not good as all. I did not eat more then one. I also only got 7 when it's clearly an 8 piece set. But the biggest thing tonight was when I saw an employee with a paw tattooed on their arm preparing food without gloves on. This included putting frys into a serving bag then dropping said bag into a customer's bag. I asked the girl at the window why this person was prepping food without gloves on she told me "we don't have to have gloves on to porshin fries" or at least that was the just of it, she kept going around saying they don't have to have the gloves on. I was In the food indasty before as a shift lead and never have I ever done that or let any of the crew prep anything for a customer with bare hands. After me seeing that I got home and dropped my fries right in the trash I did not want to risk the cross contamination. I don't even want to think about the way they prep the rest of the food if they don't even have gloves on for the simple task of portioning fries. I will not come back to this store ever again.
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